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The Writing Process | Le processus d'écriture

Helping your child with writing!

It is important to understand that the process for writing is the same whether you do it in your first language or second or third. Whether you have considered it or not, there is a natural process to writing which many writers follow. The writing process can be a linear process but is most often a continuous movement between different steps.

There are five stages to the writing process:

  • pre-writing/generating ideas
  • drafting
  • rethinking and revising
  • editing and proofreading
  • publishing 

These stages are not all addressed in one sitting. It may take several writing sessions to cover the entire writing process for one piece of work. It may be that the student engages in pre-writing activities at school and continues the work at home by developing a first draft. Students will not necessarily follow all steps for each piece of writing that is produced.

The menu items on the left outline the various stages of the writing process and offer some helpful tips for working with your child.