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How to write a resumé | Comment créer un curriculum vitae

What is a resumé | Qu’est-ce qu’un curriculum vitae?

A resumé is a self-promotional tool used in a job search which is intended to highlight the student’s:

  • Interests

  • Skills and abilities

  • Work experience and accomplishments

  • Education

  • Training

  • References

What is the goal of the resumé | Quel est le but d’un curriculum vitae?

The goal of the resumé is to secure an interview with a prospective employer. The resumé aims to summarize key information regarding the applicant and is generally one to two pages maximum in length.

Resumé types| Les types de curriculum vitae

There is more than one way to structure a resumé:

The chronological resumé format is an effective choice for students who have prior work experience including part-time or summer employment. Work experience is listed in reverse chronological order with the current or most recent job listed first. Education, skills and other information are listed after the work experience.

The functional resumé is an effective choice for students who do not have work experience. Since this type of resumé emphasizes job related qualifications rather than one’s work experience, the functional resumé highlights essential skills, work habits, abilities, attitudes, competencies and interests that make the student a great candidate for the job.

The combination resumé combines aspects of the chronological resumé and the functional resumé to include both job related qualifications and work experience. The combination resumé is an effective choice for students who want to emphasize their work history in addition to their specific skills. This style of resumé lists the candidate’s skills and experiences first.

The common sections of a resumé | Les parties principales du curriculum vitae

Below is a list of some of the common sections that may be incorporated in a resumé. The order of the sections should be relevant to the employer, the job and the work experience as well as the type of resumé selected for use.

Headings | Les titres

Personal information | Les renseignements personnels

Include your name, address, telephone number and email address

Skills and Qualifications | Les compétences et les qualifications

List competencies, accomplishments, special abilities and applicable skills from work, volunteer experience or hobbies that relate to the job being sought

Education | La formation

List each educational achievement in order, beginning with the most recent

List date, degree, name of institution and location of institution

Include special awards, scholarships or bursaries

Work experience | L’expérience professionnelle

Include starting date and year and end year, position title, organization name and location

Use nuggets to list the most important and applicable responsibilities assumed and accomplishments

Begin nuggets with action words

Include volunteer experiences

Activities and interests | Les activités et les intérêts

List clubs, professional associations, interests and other activities

Use nuggets to provide responsibilities, duties and any special accomplishments related to this area

Other section heading examples | D’autres exemples de titres

Job Goals | L’objectif de carrière

Related Skills | Les compétences liées à l’emploi

Volunteer experience and community involvement | Le bénévolat et les engagements communautaires

Additional Training | La formation complémentaire

Language Skills | Les compétences en langues

International Travel | Les voyages internationaux

Computer Skills | Les compétences en informatique

Leadership Experience | L’expérience en leadership

Athletics | L’athlétisme et/ou les activités parascolaires

Academic Projects | Les projets académiques

References | Les références

On a separate page, have a list of three references that can be made available upon request

Provide title, organization, telephone number and email address for each

Get permission to use these references before including them in the resumé (teacher, guidance counsellor, coach, summer or part-time employer and community leader)

Keep your reference list up to date

An effective resumé does not include:

  • Personal pronouns such as I | je

  • Abbreviations

  • Narrative elements

  • Number or letter categories

  • Slang or colloquialisms

  • Picture(s)

  • Emoticons

  • Age/date of birth or sex

  • Sexual orientation

  • Marital status

  • Religion

  • Physical descriptions such as height and weight

  • Race

  • Social insurance number

  • References, but these should be ready if they are requested