Look and Listen... | Regardez et écoutez ...

Prewriting | La pré-écriture

Pre-writing is the first stage of the writing process and is also the most creative step. It is your child’s time to think. You may wish to consider having your child ask the following questions to determine the topic or theme, purpose, genre and audience. 

Questions that encourage thinking may include:

  • What do I want to say? (based on prior knowledge, personal experience or any topic that inspires you in some way)
  • How do I want to say it? (short story, poem, letter, narrative, news story, essay, book/film review, report, biography)
  • Why do I want to write about it? (to explain, to inform/instruct, to describe, to narrate, to persuade, to move, to amuse/entertain)
  • Who will read my writing? (refers to audience – posted on a bulletin board, published in a school magazine, letter to a member of the school and/or community)
  • What do I need to know to begin? (discuss the topic, collect information, brainstorm ideas, use a graphic organizer, list ideas, interview sources)

Brainstorming is a method by which writers develop ideas for writing.  It is also a technique used when a writer knows a general subject but doesn’t know what particular aspect he/she wishes to pursue. It is the process of freeing one’s mind to help generate, organize and plan ideas. 

To brainstorm, record all ideas related to a subject. Ideas can be organized in webs, concept maps, charts, diagrams, by lists, timelines, and/or any other way that is best suited to the topic, form and personal preference.