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Drafting | La mise en texte

Once your child has finished planning his/her work, he/she is ready to start writing. This step of the writing process is also known as the rough draft or rough copy. 

The most important idea of this step is to write and let the ideas flow.  If your child needs to use a word or express an idea and doesn’t know how to say it in French, have your child write it down in his/her own language. At this stage, it is essential not to worry about spelling or grammar mistakes as this will come later in the writing process. Remind your child to be selective in the ideas he/she chooses, making sure the ideas relate to each other and the topic. 

While writing the draft, your child may find he/she needs more information. If this is the case, go back to the Prewriting stage. 

At the end of this stage, your child’s information is gathered and organized into a format such as a paragraph, an essay, a report or other writing form.