Homework Tips | Conseils pour les devoirs

Research Skills | Compétences en recherche

Steps 7-10 | Étapes 7 à 10

Steps seven to ten of the research process provide information on analyzing and organizing key points of the research paper and on producing, revising, editing and proofreading the work.

Step Seven: Organize your notes

  • Analyze and organize your documents, files or notes according to key points and sub-points (i.e., index cards can be created for each point related to the topic)
  • Highlight, italicize or bold key points
  • Try different organizational patterns such as, compare and contrast, advantages and disadvantages, cause and effect or logical sequence
  • Sort out irrelevant information

Step Eight: Produce the assignment

  • Be creative, accurate and thorough
  • Have others read and critique the assignment
  • Know how to use your source materials and cite them

Step Nine: Evaluate the product

  • Check the rubric or assignment success criteria
  • Revise
  • Have a peer or parent edit the product
  • Print out a hard copy to help when proofreading

Step Ten: Stay Motivated

  • Work on smaller parts of the assignment over longer periods of time
  • Remember to save a copy of your work